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Patricia Blanco

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Patricia Blanco opens one the most promising centers in Aix en Provence and becomes one of the pilot centers France. Her dexterity will allow her to develop collaborations with surgeons, osteopaths and nutritionists. 

Her knowledge of the lymphatic systems, venous, anti-aging and skin care, hers know-how stands out with top athletes, actors, models that will pass into her hands. Her expert eye, and her personality have allowed full satisfaction, see exceeding the expectations of her patients, which will make a signature by BLANCO! 

Thanks to her expert hands and the mastery of his technology.

Patricia Blanco carries out a personalized diagnosis with her expert eye, for provide the best adapted care to patients in order to quickly obtain a visible result. The harmony between the patient and her is a priority. Listening is essential in order to advise, reassure, choose the most appropriate protocol for the patient's anatomy. 

Patricia stands out from any other practitioner, know the technique on the fingertips, and she is now graduated to train others..

Expert Specialist in Endermology, for 15 years, coming from France to Los Angeles


from france

video presentation of the first center located in Tholonet in france

video presentation of the first center located in Aix en Provence  in france

Blanco Edermology

after more than 15 years spent in France, taking care of its beautiful clientele, sublimating the results of surgeons, aesthetic conferences, nutritional drinks by blanco, partnerships with great athletes, many events created, ... It is in Los Angeles that the preferred therapist of the French offers these prestigious services

A unique signature with advanced technology. She is the first to arrive in Los Angeles with her unique expertise and the last technology. These non-surgical acts make it possible to correct a defect in our body or our face, in order to feel better in our body and to feel more beautiful or beautiful, while always respecting a natural result.

work of art by a French artist for Patricia Blanco


Patricia the therapist will be delighted to welcome you to  new center in Beverly Hills, at 260 S Beverly Drive 

Arrival straight from France to deliver the best endermology care with the best energies for visible results

Video overview of the treatment center

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